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Welcome and hello!

Thanks for dropping in to see us, we hope you enjoy your stay.

We will be adding more old photos and some new ones as and when we have the time. For now we have our 2005 visit to the Scottish Transport Extravaganza at Glamis and our 2012 visit to Borth with Paul and Margaret.



thejamesresidence started life on Freeserve in the late 1990s. When I signed up for Freeserve I chose thejamesresidence after battling to find a name that had not been taken and didn't have a number after it! And, of course, I chose it because I liked it! 

I recently found that the old Freeserve website is still online and can be found at .

Surprisingly I also recently came across my CompuServe HomePage, still live after nearly twenty years on a web archive and available at 

Fell free to browse around...